Update on Cave Aged Chandoka

making its debut for us last fall, Cave Aged Chandoka will be returning home.
The clothbound cheddar has taken up permanent residence in the caves at LaClare
Farms in Malone, Wisconsin after its “Rumspringa” in Chicagoland. Affineur
David Rogers will be following course and will continue to oversee its binding
and aging after the move (read: quality will remain consistent.) Standard
Market will continue to age other cheeses at store level but they will be
reserved for their in-house retail sales.  So going forward, Cave Aged
Chandoka will be both made and aged by LaClare Farms.

a refresher, LaClare Farms produces young Chandoka cheddar wheels, made with
70% cows’ milk and 30% goats’ milk. The wheels are larded and bound with muslin
cloth. After a minimum of 8 months aging, there is a dramatic transformation of
the cheese. The paste becomes drier and firmer with a slight crumble. Despite
its heartier texture, Cave Aged Chandoka melts on the tongue. Its aroma
suggests grass and earth. Its flavor is sweet and nutty, hinting at buttermilk,
horseradish and stone.