New to Zuercher!

Caramore – 12 / 8.8 oz.

from a blend of cow and goat’s milk, Caramore is a new edition to the Brunost
family of cheeses. Caramore has the same dense texture and toffee-like
sweetness as their traditional Gjetost, but they add sugar to the recipe to
take it a step further on the caramelization scale. The result is an addictive
combination of confection and cheese somewhere between chocolate fudge and
goat’s milk dulce de leche. 

Artikaas Raw Milk Truffle Gouda – 1 / 20 lb.

affordability in mind, we’ve added Artikaas Raw Milk Truffle Gouda to our
lineup. This Gouda is creamy and mild with a lingering backdrop of aromatic
black truffles.

Clawson White Stilton with Cranberry – 1 / 5 lb.

classic British cheese is crumbly, tangy and sweet. Enhanced with tart
cranberries, this White Stilton is a tasty and aesthetically pleasing addition
to a cheese board or dessert course.