Founded in 1896, Molinari & Sons has remained the the city’s oldest
family-owned Italian business in San Francisco. Its founder, P.G. Molinari,
emigrated from the Piedmont region of Italy, and began working at a salami
factory at the age of 14. He opened his own factory and retail store at age 26.

P.G. Molinari survived despite the 1906 earthquake and resulting fires.
In a desperate attempt to save his remaining inventory, Molinari buried his
supply of olive oil, Parmigiano wheels and whiskey cases in a nearby vacant
lot. Nevertheless, the tragedy destroyed his business. In a stroke of luck,
Molinari met the president of what was then known as the Bank of Italy (now
Bank of America) who helped him by issuing a collateral-free, low interest loan
on a handshake deal. Molinari was able to rebuild his business, persisted on, making
it through two world wars thereafter.  

Molinari & Sons continued to be passed down through the generations,
and is still considered an integral part of many people’s daily meals. In fact,
Molinari & Sons was so dear to the late MLB hall of famer Joe DiMaggio,
that he specifically requested Molinari to cater his funeral reception. Today,
the company still operates a production facility, its iconic retail store and
delicatessen, wholesale distribution and online sales. Molinari & Sons is
currently headed by Frank Giorgi, P.G. Molinari’s great-grandson.

Zuercher & Co. has been carrying Molinari products for some time
now, including their pancetta and salami. Recently, we added a few new items
for your consideration. Now available on our stock list: 

Salametti Secchi

Salami Secchi is a petite-sized
dry salami made from finely minced pork and garlic. Cured in natural casings,
it is made into 5-pound string of 12 pieces. Each piece is approximately 6
ounces each, and comes packed as a 4 / 5-pound case.

G1260 Toscano Salami

Toscano Salami is an all-pork salami
with a coarse chop and tangy flavor. Each large format log has an easy-to-peel
casing for slicing convenience, and comes packed in a 2 / 4-pound case.


Sopressata is made with dry-cured pork
and red wine. As a large format slicing salami, this has an easy-to-peel
casing, and is packed in a 2 / 4-pound case.


Lean pork is coarsely chopped, seasoned with
piquant spices and formed into sticks. Molinari’s pepperoni is packed as a 24 /
8-ounce case