Limited 2017 Release: Artikaas Spring Milk Dutch Gouda

New items are
constantly becoming available on the market, and Zuercher & Co. is always
searching for fresh options for our customers. Spring is a time for change, and
this season we are introducing Artikaas Spring Cheese, a Dutch Gouda available
for limited release.

Most of us are
hibernating in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter months. This is the
time when the Earth and its creatures take time to rest and refuel for the
labors of the coming season. The dormant grasses absorb crucial nutrients in
preparation for springtime growth. Once the vibrant tulips appear in the Netherlands,
and lush greenery returns, the cows are released into pasture.

The milk,
collected only from the virgin grazings, is collected and used for Artikaas
Spring Cheese. Spring milk is especially precious because it contains over 50%
cream. The result is a cheese (known in the Netherlands as graskaas)
with a particularly sweet, buttery flavor and texture.

pasteurized Gouda’s fresh, grass-fed flavors appease cheese aficionados, while
being mild enough to please novice consumers. Fantastic on its own, its pliant,
smooth texture is also a perfect option for melting. Upon its release, seasonal
fresh fruit from early summer pickings will be a timely and elegant pairing
with Artikaas Spring Cheese.

However, this
is available for only a short time each year. Zuercher & Co. is offering a
special pre-order for Artikaas Spring Cheese for arrival in early June. Keep in
mind, this arrival date is flexible and dependent upon suitable weather for the
cows to graze. If you would like to take part in this special pre-order file,
please let us know by Friday, February 10th.