New Items at Zuercher

Aged Chandoka

U1680 –

Greater than
the sum of its parts, Cave Aged Chandoka is the collaboration between
Wisconsin’s LaClare Farms and David Rogers, affineur for Standard Market in
Illinois. Young Chandoka cheddar wheels, made with 70% cows’ milk and 30%
goats’ milk, are larded and bound with muslin cloth upon arrival to Standard
Market. After a minimum of 8 months aging, you will notice the dramatic
transformation of the cheese. The paste becomes drier and more firm with a
slight crumble. Despite it firmness, Chandoka melts on the tongue. Its aroma
suggests grass and earth. Its flavor is sweet and nutty, hinting at buttermilk,
horseradish and stone.


R2020 – 6/5#

cheesemaker Caseificio Il Fiorino produces Bartarello, an unpasteurized sheep’s
milk cheese. Bartarello is aged for at least 60 days on wooden boards, forming
a natural rind on its exterior. Its texture is smooth and compact with sporadic
eye formation. The flavor evolves from a sherry-like sweetness to a tangy crème
fraiche note with a lanolin bite, mellowing into a toasted breadcrumb finish.
Bartarello embodies the flavor of an aged cheese with the texture of a younger


R2010 –

Zuercher &
Co. has sourced a new Aged Provolone for our customers. This version is free of
artificial preservatives and is made with thermalized Italian cows’ milk.
Compared to standard Provolone, our aged version has a pleasant piccante bite
but an approachable rounded, milky finish. Its texture is also smoother than
other pasta filata-style cheeses we’ve tasted. Aged Provolone would be ideal as
a melting cheese. Try substituting in typical mozzarella applications.


Clothbound Cheddar 1/4’s

A1720 – 1/8#

A longtime
favorite for many, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, aged in the Cellars at Jasper
Hill, is now available in quarter wheels. Vermont’s Cabot Creamery sends young
cheddar wheels to Jasper Hill to be larded, wrapped in cloth and aged in their
climate-controlled cellars for approximately one year. The result is a crumbly
texture with flavors that balance between bright tanginess and that of
caramelized nuts. Zuercher & Co. quality tested batches of the cut and
vacuum-sealed quarter wheels over a period of time to see if they would pass
our stress test. We are pleasantly surprised, and know you will be, too. If you
have the type of operation that would welcome a high-end cheddar, but haven’t
been able to bring in an entire 32-pound wheel, this one’s for you. 


CP100 –
2,083 Sheets – 25 cm x 32 cm

Plastic wrap
might be a practical way for many cheese counters to efficiently display and
sell pieces from which their customers shop. However, those educated in the
proper care of cheese know that plastic is not the best outfit for its
longevity or flavor. Zuercher has sourced a solution which is available in bulk
to our retail customers. Our cheese paper offers a breathable wrap for your
cheese, and at a cost-effective price point. We have chosen a neutral blue
pattern suitable for cheeses of all types. Plastic may still be necessary for
display, but wrapping in cheese paper is a nice touch when cutting fresh
portions for a customer, or offering as a take-away option when re-wrapping at
home. Each sheet is approximately 10 x 12.5 inches, and can be easily trimmed
to accommodate smaller pieces.