New to Stock and Returning to Stock:

Explorateur – 6 / 8 oz. – Now back in stock!

After its
hiatus from the American market, we are happy to announce that Explorateur is
back! Produced in the Île-de-France region, this triple crème cheese clocks in
at a minimum 75% butterfat, and is encased by a bloomy rind. Explorateur fans
covet its richness and velvety texture.

made its debut in 1958. Its name and label pay homage to the many explorations
of the era, from those investigating the Earth’s surface and probing the
atmosphere to the cheesemakers’ first transatlantic flight taken to market the
cheese in the United States. Although a moon made of cheese has since been
disproven (sniff, sniff) we can all rejoice that Explorateur has finally
orbited back to the U.S.A. 

New to Stock
– M3250 Coinga Mahón Curado – 2 / 6#

The port city
of Mahón is located on the island of Menorca, situated off the eastern coast of
Spain. This protected enclave in the Mediterranean Sea Its namesake cheese is
one of the island’s priz ed products and carries a P.D.O. designation protecting
its authenticity.

Mahón is
produced using cows’ milk from a combination of Menorcan and Frisian breeds.
Although Menorca traditionally raised sheep on the small island, its British
occupation during the 18th century saw the introduction of cows to
the island, and a new cheese was born.

This pressed,
uncooked and pasteurized cheese has a unique square shape with rounded edges
and a deep brown rind. Coinga’s Mahón Curado is rubbed with olive oil and
paprika, preserving the moisture of the paste during its 6 months of aging. The
firm paste has ample crystallization with a wonderful balance between sweet,
salty and tangy flavors. You will notice a clean, nutty finish.

Back in
stock – U970 Rogue River Blue 1/6#

We have
received our first shipment of the 2016 Rogue River Blue release.  We have
plenty in inventory and a solid allocation that should last for a while so
please order as you see fit!