Limited Pre-order Offerings from Jacobs & Brichford:  Adair & Briana with Truffles

B1790 Adair
– 1 / 2#

Jacobs &
Brichford’s Adair is modeled after the farmstead cheeses of southeastern
France. While this cheese isn’t for everyone, we’ve had a handful of customers
ask us if we could bring it in. Like their other cheeses, Adair is made with
unpasteurized milk from grass-fed cows. It has a gently washed rind with a bit
of fleurie that develops on top of the Brevibacterium linens crust.

Jacobs &
Brichford has been tweaking the recipe for Adair over the last year, and it
seems like this incarnation has a drier rind, differentiating it more from
their other washed-rind cheeses. The result is a smooth paste with a mildly
funky barnyard flavor supported by plenty of cultured butter notes.

B1685 Briana
with Truffles – 1 / 20#

Briana is an
unpasteurized smear-ripened cows’ milk cheese with a dense, semi-firm paste.
This version of Briana contains Italian truffle oil and black truffle shavings.
Truffle lovers will get plenty of the perfumed delicacy, but it may seem
overwhelming to the truffle-averse crowd. The base cheese is fairly mild,
however, and doesn’t overshadow its star ingredient. The cheese melts quite
well, and you only need a small amount to go a long way. Briana with Truffles
won 2nd place in its category at the 2016 ACS competition in Des
Moines, Iowa.