We have added two new Italian cheeses to our lineup

a raw milk Pecorino made by Il Fiorino

Stock cheese

code:  R2020

pack:  6/5-pound wheels

from unpasteurized sheep’s milk, Bartarello is aged for at least 60 days before
its release. Underneath its naturally-formed crust you’ll find aromas of fresh
flowers and herbs. Its texture is smooth, springy and compact with sporadic eye
formation.The flavor evolves from a sherry-like sweetness to a tangy crème
fraiche note with a lanolin bite, mellowing into a toasted breadcrumb finish.
Bartarello embodies the flavor of an aged cheese with the texture of a younger

was the name of the old estate on the family farm, fostering what eventually
became Caseificio Il Fiorino. Its namesake cheese pays tribute to the Fiorini
family’s deeply-rooted history dedicated to the art of cheesemaking and the
care of their sheep. 

Il Fiorino is located in the Maremma area of southern Tuscany. Situated in an
Etruscan area of rocky ravines and consistent humidity the Fiorini family found
it to be perfect for aging sheep’s milk cheeses. The wheels are aged naturally
in Il Fiorino’s well-ventilated caves and aged traditionally on wooden boards.

Delitia Burrata di Bufala

Available on our Italian Air Freight program

Item code:  RIA300

Pack size:  8/7 oz.

Customers have been requesting buffalo milk burrata for some
time. However, quality and freshness of product have always been our concerns
with this very delicate specialty. We are excited to have finally found a
product we can stand behind.

Delitia’s Burrata di Bufala is produced using pasteurized
water buffalo milk from Cooperativa La Contadina in the Campania region of
Italy. The cooperative collects milk from 20 local farms within 10 miles of the
production facility, and is delivered daily. Once the milk is received, the
cheese is made within the same day. In turn, our exporter is timing these
shipments to arrive fresh with our regular air freight deliveries from Italy,
so your product will have the longest shelf life possible once received in your

To produce this burrata, cheese curds are stretched around a
pouch containing a creamy mixture of stracciatella (cheese pieces) and
cows’ milk cream. Delitia’s Burrata di Bufala is crafted with the same milk
used for their DOP Mozzarella di Bufala. Once cut, the rich, porcelain-white
interior spills out from its skin. The flavor of Delitia’s Burrata di Bufala is
clean, lactic, buttery and decadent.

It’s difficult to find something that doesn’t match
well with burrata, but here are some of our favorites:

Place a hunk on top of buttery pasta with lemon, arugula and
Marcona almonds.

Serve alongside fresh peaches with a drizzle of honey and
cracked pink pepper.

Dollop burrata on a homemade pizza with grilled asparagus or
fresh figs and prosciutto.

Pair with a slice of grilled Tuscan-style bread, heirloom
tomatoes, olive oil and pickled cipollini onions.

Top burrata with fresh berries and a bit of reduced balsamic