Introducing Meadowood Farms

Farms is located in Cazenovia, New York, just outside of Syracuse. Situated on
225 acres, Meadowood is home to a flock of East Friesians which provide milk
for their farmstead sheep’s milk cheeses.  All of their cheeses are
hand-crafted by Veronica Pedraza (previously the Creamery Manager for Jasper
Hill).  Veronica takes inspiration from northern Italy and styles her
cheeses after Robiola, Fontina Val d’Aosta and Taleggio.

at Zuercher have been fans of Meadowood for a number of years and have been
working for a while to set up a program with them.  We’re excited to
finally get the ball rolling.  In our opinion Meadowood is making some of
the best domestic sheep’s milk cheeses. 

Ledyard and Juvindale have shorter shelf life, so we are bringing them in
young.  The goal is that they will arrive to us with at least four weeks
of shelf life and ship to your store as quickly as possible.  While all of
their cheeses were well-received here, the staff favorites are Ledyard and
Rippleton in case you are looking for a recommendation on where to start.     

B1780 Ledyard – 6/8 oz.

Patterned after Robiola, this hand-ladled,
soft-ripened pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese is aged for 2 weeks before being
wrapped in grape leaves soaked in beer. Local brewery, Empire Brewing, supplies
Meadowood with a beer called Deep Purple, which is made with concord grapes.
After additional aging, the resulting aroma and flavor of Ledyard is lactic,
woodsy and fruity, with a bit of of barnyard funk. Its paste is fudgy in
texture, softening with age, and is surrounded by a wrinkly rind. Ledyard won 1st
in its category at the 2016 ACS competition in Des Moines, Iowa.

B1760 Rippleton – 6/14 oz.

Rippleton is Meadowood’s take on Taleggio.
Using wort from Empire Brewing, this pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese is washed
over a period of weeks, producing an orange-tinged rind with a bit of grit. As
the cheese ripens, the paste becomes softer and takes on the flavor of salty
peanut butter and bacon. 

B1770 Strawbridge – 6/8 oz.

Strawbridge is a soft-ripened bloomy cheese
aged for 2-4 weeks. The higher milkfat content of sheep’s milk highlights this
cheese’s buttery characteristics. Strawbridge is more along the textural lines
of a triple crème Brie, but with the vegetal notes of Camembert. You’ll notice
its aromas of earth and hay and flavors hinting at broccoli and hazelnuts.

Lorenzo – 1/7#

cooked and pressed curd cheese pays homage to Alpine cheeses, such as Fontina
Val d’Aosta and Raclette. Lorenzo, though, is made with sheep’s milk, lending a
rich, buttery element. Additionally, there are a number of apple trees on the
Meadowood property. Each autumn, the apples are pressed and made into cider by
their neighbors at Critz Farms. Meadowood, in turn, uses this cider to wash
this cheese. Lorenzo is then aged for 4 months, developing a pinkish-orange hue
on its rind and a dense, smooth paste. The cheese displays meaty, vegetal and
nutty flavors, especially when gently melted. Lorenzo is a great alternative in

B1740 Juvindale – 6/8oz.

Juvindale is Meadowood’s soft-ripened ode to
Reblochon. Nearby Juvindale Farm provides the Holstein cows’ milk used to make
this namesake cheese. The protein and butterfat composition of Juvindale’s milk
makes for a silky, rich paste. Young wheels are washed with local Riesling wine
and develops a peachy hue while its Penicillum candidum flourishes. The
flavor is bright with notes of crème fraiche, garlic and hay.