Nettle Meadow Bulk Fromage Frais – 6/1#

Located in the
Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, Nettle Meadow Farm serves as both an
animal sanctuary and artisan cheese company. Cheesemaker/owners Sheila Flanagan
and Lorraine Lambiase are, first and foremost, dedicated to caring for their animals.
Their elegant and flavorful cheeses are the icing on the cake. Zuercher &
Co. appreciates the natural and humane practices of Nettle Meadow Farm:

Organic hay, grains, wild herbs,
raspberry leaf, garlic, and kelp are used to feed the animals.

The animals’ diet helps to impart high
butterfat contents in the milk.

Their animal sanctuary rehabilitates
injured or abandoned animals.

Retired milkers are allowed to spend
the rest of their years on the farm, rather than be slaughtered – a more usual
fate in commercial operations.

Made from a
combination of goat and cow’s milk, Nettle Meadow Bulk Fromage Frais strikes a
lovely balance between tangy, fluffy chèvre and sweet, fresh whipped cream
cheese. We have received a growing number of requests for a bulk version of this
cheese, and this format is helpful to the foodservice operation and home cook
alike. We are now offering a versatile plain fromage frais in 1-pound tubs,
available on our pre-order list.

Nettle Meadow’s
Bulk Fromage Frais has a myriad of uses:

Stuff meats or poultry with seasoned
fromage frais before roasting.

Use as a filling for French toast and

Substitute fromage frais for cream
cheese in cheesecake or dessert       bars.

Fill mushroom caps or phyllo dough
appetizers for a fresh twist in appetizers.

Add to a strata, quiche or frittata
for brunch.

Stuff into baked apples or grilled
peaches for a simple dessert.

Dollop on puréed soups, or spread on a
crostini to serve alongside salads.

Its neutral flavor makes it a great
canvas for adding honey, pepper, jam, herbs, tapenade, so you are only
inhibited by your imagination.

Purchasing in a bulk format allows
your cheese counter to offer varying amounts to the customer.