New items at Zuercher!


Fourmage is
Zuercher & Co.’s newest Gouda offering made with (you guessed it!) all four
famous stars in cheesemaking:  sheep,
goat, cow and buffalo milk. Produced on a co-operative farm in Veenhuizen, in
the northeastern province of Drenthe, Netherlands, animals graze on natural
herbs, grasses and flowers in pastures for most of the year, and are never
supplemented with artificial growth hormones.

This well-balanced Gouda is naturally sweet with nutty,
caramelized undertones from cows’ milk, slightly tangy thanks to the goats’
milk and rounded out by the very rich and buttery sheep and buffalo milk.
Fourmage is aged for 5-6 months, and has a firm texture and well-developed
tyrosine crystallization throughout.

Like any good celebrity foursome, we are pretty sure that
Fourmage will cause rioting, cheers, a stream of paparazzi or a monument of
cheese, so caveat emptor.

Cabra La Prudenciana

Led by the Alvarez Valera family, Finca La Prudenciana is
located in the core of the Castilla-La Mancha region in central Spain,
approximately sixty miles south of Madrid. Although the family is famously
known for their unpasteurized Artequeso Manchego, D.O. cheeses, Finca La
Prudenciana extends their cheesemaking philosophies to Cabra La Prudenciana,
their newest goats’ milk creation.

Cabra La Prudenciana has a compact paste with tiny eye
formation. Although slightly granular at first, it warms up nicely on the
palate. Unexpectedly buttery for a goat’s milk cheese, Cabra La Prudenciana
reminds one of its sheepy cousins. We are especially delighted that this cheese
remains unpasteurized. The flavor begins with a fresh, tangy, salty bite, then lingers
and mellows into a goaty, herbal finish.

Serve Cabra La Prudenciana with crisp, dry wines such as Spanish
Verdejo or a rosé of Tempranillo, Valencia almonds and a drizzle of honey.