Slow Food launches a petition and creates a Presidium to save one of England’s oldest cheeses

Slow Food has
launched a petition and decided to create a
Presidium for the defense of
the traditional production of raw milk Stilton
. The aim is to support Stichelton’s request to the consortium
of cheesemakers and to the British Department for Environment, Food and Rural
Affairs (DEFRA) to alter the production protocol, allowing
cheesemakers using raw milk to enter the PDO scheme.

“There’s no one left producing raw milk
Stilton” says Schneider. “I’m fully aware that it’s the large-scale producers
who prop up the national economy, but I find it alarming that politicians are
only concerned about protecting the interests of big business without a thought
for small-scale producers. The PDO belongs to the people of Britain and of
Europe, not to the big corporations.”

Join Slow Food in supporting Stichelton’s
battle to save Stilton, by signing the petition to modify the production protocol, which will be
presented to the Stilton Cheese Makers Association, and to the UK’s Minister of
State for Agriculture and Food (DEFRA).