New Mediterranean Pre-Orders at Zuercher!


The Douro Valley, located in the northern part of Portugal,
has a temperate climate and is sheltered from harsh winds by its surrounding
mountains. The area is known for producing grapes (and its famed DOC Port
wines), olives, and almonds.

There is a legend surrounding the Douro almond tree. Under
Moorish rule a young king, wanting to please his Nordic-born princess, ordered
the planting of almond trees throughout the region. In February and March, the
almond trees bloom into a beautiful blanket of white, reminiscent of snow, but
also announcing the coming of spring.


Douro Almonds contain a rich oil, giving them a sweet, earthy
and slightly smokey flavor. The almonds are fried, but unsalted and have a tender
crunch. Celebrate springtime with Douro Almonds, available on our Mediterranean
pre-order file.



MontCabrer, from cheesemaker Can Pujol, is a goats’ milk
cheese from the Catalan region of Spain. You may have remembered an ash-covered
version of this cheese from a number of years ago. The new version has a
beautifully natural grey rind, but no ash.

Cheesemaker Josep Cuixart uses butterfat-rich Murciana goats’
milk for this cheese, producing a flavor that is sweet, earthy and slightly
meaty with a tangy finish. Its texture is creamy, but semi-firm – MontCabrer is
aged for 60-90 days. You will find the cheese listed on our Mediterranean
pre-order list.