New Items from Nettle Meadow Farm 

Available through Zuercher & Co.

Located amongst the Adirondack
Mountains in upstate New York, Nettle Meadow Farm milks their own herd of 300
cross-bred goats and a couple dozen sheep. Cheesemaker/owners Sheila Flanagan
and Lorraine Lambiase take great care in every step of the process, from the
animals to the milk to the make process.

Nettle Meadow uses only organic hay
and grain to feed their animals, helping impart higher butterfat content in the
milk. Besides this diet, all animals on the Nettle Meadow Farm receive superior
care. Retired milkers are allowed to spend the rest of their years on the farm,
quite different from most commercial operations that slaughter the unproductive
animals. In fact, part of core mission of Nettle Meadow is their animal
sanctuary that takes in and rehabilitates injured or abandoned animals that
would otherwise be put down.

While we are enthusiastic champions of
Nettle Meadow Farm’s mission, we are equally excited when a new cheese is
released, or in this case, a handful.

Frais – 8/5 oz.

Frais is a light and fluffy combination of cow and goats’ milk. The flavor of
this Nettle Meadow’s Fromage Frais is fresh, clean and mild. Cows’ milk
provides sweetness, while goats’ milk adds a refreshing lemony finish. Nettle
Meadow’s high quality milk and ingredients are what really makes this an
exemplary fresh cheese. It’s also one of the benefits in purchasing from small
artisan and farmstead operations such as theirs.

Fromage Frais as a spread on bagels and sandwiches, salads or as a dip for
crudités. Likewise, why not experiment with them as a filling for stuffed
French toast, crêpes or blintzes, chicken breasts, or ravioli and pierogi? Four
flavors are available:

Cider Syrup

& Honey


Red Pepper

Kunik Minis – 9/4 oz.

is the flagship of the Nettle Meadow line. Made with goat’s milk and added
cream, Kunik sort of occupies its own space in the cheese pantheon. A mixed
milk triple crème, it has a fudgy/creamy/rich profile, thanks to the Jersey cow
cream, complemented by a goat’s milk tang. Kunik is a definite crowd-pleaser,
attracting connoisseurs and novices alike. At 4 ounces, its new miniature
format is cute-as-a-button, and allows for a more digestible size and cost for
your customer.  

Briar Summit – 9/5 oz.

Summit is a creamy pyramid of goat milk, cow milk, sheep milk and cow cream,
infused with raspberry leaf tea and finished with a bloomy rind. For concerned
customers, it is important to note that Nettle Meadow uses organic vegetarian
rennet to coagulate their cheese. Although aged between 2 and 6 weeks, this
cheese is best around the 12-week mark once the paste becomes gooey and lush. Briar
Summit subtly brings together the best of each milk type’s notes in a cheese
that has balanced sweet, buttery and bright notes.