Rogue Creamery Update

The last
year has brought a number of changes to Rogue Creamery.  After a long
period of inactivity and then lower production levels following renovations in
late 2013, the creamery is once again back at full strength and pumping out
cheese.  We now have good availability on their full line of blues.

production returns to historical levels, Rogue has also kept an eye on the
future.  Recently, the dairyman from whom Rogue sourced its milk decided
to retire, so Rogue made the decision to purchase his herd and farm to ensure
its continued milk supply.  Rogue now has set its sights on turning their
farm into a certified organic operation within the next year.  They are
also eliminating silage and sourcing GMO-free feed for their herd.  In an
effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Rogue continues to install more and more
solar panels for its operations, and now about half their energy comes from
this clean source.  And in what is most important in our opinion, they’re
churning out large amounts of top quality blue cheeses!  We are very
excited to see them back up and running at full steam.            

Lake Blue

When Rogue
was operating at partial capacity for much of 2014 and early 2015, production
of Crater Lake was temporarily suspended.  This American original was
created by Rogue co-owner and cheese maker Cary Bryant in an effort to fashion
a new blue cheese heavily influenced by Rogue’s local surroundings.

A month
ago, we received our first allocation of the new release, and here were some of
our staff reviews:

– Deep
layers of blue/umami flavor.  Lingering and enjoyable.  No acidic
tang on the back of the throat.

– The smooth, creamy texture is evident as soon as it hits your tongue and continues
throughout. There is a consistently mild flavor that is bright and tangy, not

Distinct, lingering flavors. Notes of Green Apple /fresh Pineapple. Fudgy

– Nice
creamy blue with medium sharpness, flavors of thyme, with a nice salt balance.
A slightly sweet finish that lingers and rounds out the flavors.

River Blue

Last week,
we received our first shipment of the 2015 release of Rogue River Blue. 
Possibly the most decorated cheese in America, Rogue River Blue is the flagship
of Rogue Creamery despite its strictly seasonal availability.  Made with
late season milk, RRB is wrapped in leaves that have been soaked in pear
brandy.  From there, it is aged for over a year, slowly gathering flavor
and growing in complexity until it is ready for release. 

Our total
allocation this year is a little more robust than we received in 2014, so we
are hopeful that we will have it throughout the holiday season.  As usual,
it will be first come, first served until we run out.