Our Smooth Buddy Tomme de Savoie is Back!

Tomme de
will soon be making its triumphant comeback into the U.S.
market. Let’s take a moment to welcome our dear, four-pound tomme friend back
from its hiatus.

Tomme de Savoie is aged by Schmidhauser in Savoie, a
mountainous department within the Rhône-Alpes region of France. Natural microflora
from the caves produces a grey, suede-like rind over the 6-12 weeks of aging.
Unpasteurized cow’s milk is used and produced without silage feed. You will
notice a semi-soft, golden ivory paste with tiny eye formation. Its flavor is
mild and milky with flavors of butter, earth, walnuts and straw. More aged
versions will develop a more piquant intensity.

Serve with a Syrah-based red from the Rhône Valley or a Rousanne-based
white from Savoie. Additionally, Tomme de Savoie is fantastic alongside dried
stone fruit and cured sausage.