Grafton Village’s newest addition is their Smoked Chili Cheddar. Made with three
types of chilies, this is arriving just in time for summer grilling season.
Grafton uses habanero (fruity, citrusy heat), jalapeño (green, vegetal notes)
and pasilla (dried fruit flavors) chilies. The cheddar is then smoked over
maple wood chips for a smoky finish.

Often times, flavored cheddars rely on the flavors they are
adding to carry the cheese. However, what makes this version special is the
quality of the base cheese itself. Grafton Village is well-known for its
quality aged cheddars using unpasteurized milk from Vermont family farms.

We think this would be incredible stuffed into a grilled
bison burger. While you’re waiting for these to cook, pop open a dry cider,
crisp Pilsner or sparkling rosé. Your second (or third) glass will transition
seamlessly into dinner.