Now in Season:  St. Pat from Cowgirl Creamery

Creamery cheeses can be found in specialty grocery stores and artisan cheese
shops throughout the United States. However, we are proud to say that Zuercher & Co. is the exclusive
distributor of Cowgirl Creamery throughout the Midwest region.

Creamery was founded by college friends and California restaurant veterans, Sue
Conley and Peggy Smith, in the early 1990’s. Situated about an hour north of
San Francisco, Point Reyes Station became the home of their now-famous cheeses.

Using pasteurized certified
organic milk from neighboring dairies, Conley and Smith produce cheeses such as
Mt. Tam, Red Hawk and other seasonal specialties. Additionally, all Cowgirl Creamery cheeses
are produced with microbial (versus animal) rennet, so they are a fantastic
option for vegetarian consumers.

Cowgirl’s spring seasonal
cheese, St. Pat, starts with organic Jersey milk from Chileno Valley Dairy. Jersey
cow’s milk is known for its high butterfat content. Additionally, the beauty of
creating seasonal cheeses is the ability to emphasize the nuanced differences
each season’s milk brings. For St. Pat, this means highlighting their rich
bloomy wheels with a distinctive green wrap of wild nettle leaves to
commemorate spring’s arrival. The nettle leaves are harvested from Fresh Run
Farm in nearby Bolinas, and add a smoky artichoke or asparagus flavor to the
cheese. Serve St. Pat with a Sémillon/Sauvignon-based
white wine or a seasonal Maibock beer.