Introducing…Spring Brook Farm’s Ashlyn!

Many of us in the cheese world are still sad about the lack ofMorbier-style cheese in the United States, or one that still pays homage to the
age-old tradition of adding a line of ash to its layers. Well, the cheese gods
may have answered the prayers of many of you mongers out there. Introducing
from Spring Brook Farm…Ashlyn!

Ashlyn is a buttery-sweet washed rind cheese made in the Morbier style.
It is made with unpasteurized Jersey cow’s milk and lingers a bit longer than
its French cousin. You may notice its rich flavor being bright and lactic
upfront, leading into a slightly meaty finish. The staff at Zuercher & Co.
agreed that it was not so funky that it would turn off even the stinky
cheese-averse crowd. The beautiful golden hue and vegetal ash center make this
an aesthetically beautiful addition to a cheese plate.

Zuercher & Co. is always excited to be the cheerleaders for Spring
Brook Farm, particularly because we emphatically support their mission. Spring
Brook Farm, located in Reading, Vermont, is the home of Farms for City Kids.
This non-profit organization’s mission is to give urban children the ability to
experience rural life through a program “combining classroom studies with
firsthand farming experience” and “an understanding of how vital academics are
to everyday lives.” In addition to their Jersey cows, they raise pigs and fowl,
bees, and various produce.

The Spring Brook Farm Cheese House, located on the property, provides
students the opportunity to learn principles of nutrition, chemistry,
microbiology and food preservation. Proceeds from the sales of Spring Brook
Farm’s cheeses go directly to help fund this cause.

Zuercher & Co. will be bringing in a small amount of Ashlyn at the
beginning of April. If our customers are as excited about it as we are (and we
are confident you will be), we will have it available as a regular offering. We
welcome any feedback you receive from staff and customers.