2014 ACS Best in Show – Tarentaise Reserve

Springbrook Farms won the ACS Best In Show award for Tarentaise Reserve, it
took them by surprise.  While they’ve always had a following for this
extra-aged version of their signature cheese, they did not have enough wheels
aging in their Cellars to meet the new demand.  So, they picked out some
of their favorite batches and set them aside for additional aging and “Reserve”
release.  These batches are finally trickling out of Vermont!

are taking pre-orders for the first two allocations we have available. 
One will arrive in mid-March, and one will arrive in mid-April.  We expect
to run out before we meet demand, so we will sell these first come, first
served, and will ration any single shop to one wheel only if we don’t have
enough to go around.  Sorry, we wish we had more to offer, but please
place your order quickly if you are interested.

month, the folks at Spring Brook Farm pull a number of wheels of Tarentaise
from inventory that they feel have special potential. These prodigy wheels are
capable of aging longer and effectively develop a fuller flavor. Each reserve
wheel is aged approximately 18 months (compared to 6-9 for regular Tarentaise.)
Both Tarentaise varieties are produced with unpasteurized Jersey cow’s milk,
and are made in the style of classic Alpine Beaufort. The wheels also bear the
similarly recognizable concave sides as its predecessor.

texture of Tarentaise Reserve is firm with crunchy tyrosine bits throughout;
the color of the paste is gorgeously golden yellow. Its flavor is rich and
fruity with notes of toasted hazelnuts, brown butter, bacon and a zippy
spiciness on the finish. Tarentaise Reserve was chosen as “Best of Show” at the
American Cheese Society’s 2014 summer conference.

Brook Farm, located in Reading, Vermont, is the home of Farms for City Kids.
This non-profit organization’s mission is to give urban children the ability to
experience rural life through a program “combining classroom studies with
firsthand farming experience” and “an understanding of how vital academics are
to everyday lives.” In addition to their Jersey cows, they raise pigs and fowl,
bees, and various produce. The Spring Brook Farm Cheese House, located on the property,
provides students the opportunity to learn principles of nutrition, chemistry,
microbiology and food preservation. Proceeds from the sales of Spring Brook
Farm’s cheeses go directly to help fund this cause.