A Message From Our Friends At Meadow Creek Dairy

“Hello from Meadow Creek Dairy! 

It must be fall – we had our first frost this week! For the cheesemakers this means changes, as they cope with denser, more fat-rich milk, but for the farm crew it means even more changes as the grass growth slows to a crawl. Because of our location in the mountains, we get enough sunlight to keep some grass growth until well after the cold sets in, but it takes careful management and a much longer rotation to make sure that’s enough grass to last us the season. We only make cheese while the cows are on grass… so once the grass runs out, so does the cheese! The good news is the farm crew has their fall planning well in hand and they’re confident, weather disasters aside, that we’ll have enough grass for cheesemaking until December.”

If you are interested in any of Meadow Creek Dairy’s wonderfully crafted and cared for cheese, contact your sales representative and we will get an order in for you!


(Pictured above: Meadow Creek’s Jersey Cows eating some breakfast.)


(Pictured above: Grayson)


(Pictured above: Appalachian)