Checking in with Alemar Cheese


We recently released Alemar’s newest creation, Blue Earth American Brie.  Thanks to everyone who made it to our event last month to hear Alemar’s Criag Hageman discuss how an idea developed into a cheese, and the small differences in the make process that took Blue Earth down a different path than their Camembert-modeled Bent River.

While Blue Earth is still a recent development for Alemar (we sold batches 3 and 6), they have been making some small changes to the recipe and process along the way to refine the end product.  Because of their breadth of experience with Bent River, they know a lot of the tricks that get them to the style of cheese they envision.  Already, Blue Earth is showing a better salt balance while staying firmer for longer, allowing richer flavors to develop before the cheese becomes runny and difficult to merchandise.

We also have samples in house, so feel free to request one on your next order.  Even if you feel that your counter is too crowded for another brie, we encourage you to stay abreast of the development of Blue Earth.  Based on everything we’ve seen out of Alemar, we expect this cheese to continue to impress.

Here are some evaluations from the Zuercher staff:

“…creamy with vegetal notes, slight mushroom flavor.  Had a core with runny cheese at the outside, good old fashioned cheese that will actually ripen.”

“This tastes like the first sample we got that got me all excited.  Fantastic.  Still younger and less assertive, but I love the contrast between the broken down edge and the curdier core.  The flavor is in balance, creamy and fresh with a little buttermilk tang and not overly salty.  Very approachable without being boring. ”

“Hi, I am buttery, vegetal, creamy and I go really well with Z Crackers.  I will make your life worth living.”-Blue Earth