Introducing: Z Crackers!


Recently, Zuercher & Co. was on the hunt for a new line to add to our catalog. We already have an extensive cheese offering, but what about crackers? After all, cheese and crackers are an essential marriage. When it comes to crackers, there are a lot of options out there and a multitude of concerns that the consumer doesn’t usually consider, but a buyer within a specialty shop must. There are issues of perishability, packaging, value and merchandising ability. Trumping all of this is the fact that the cracker needs to be tasty on its own but subtle enough to complement a cheese.  Z Crackers hit the necessary marks on all accounts.

There is something very endearing about Z Crackers, both in the product and the story. Z Crackers are, first and foremost, fresh. Baked to order by husband and wife Keith and Pam Pollack in Brooklyn, New York, the crackers are adapted from the pizza crust recipe used in their savory pie bakery. The recipe includes a grainy mix of unbleached wheat flour, cornmeal and wheat bran. The rustic-cut crackers break conventionality. You will notice variations in color, flavor and shape, and we love its homespun character.

Let’s talk a moment about their packaging:

  • Specialty shops will appreciate the packaging. Shipped in airtight, re-sealable clamshell containers will ensure that their fresh product stays fresh. 
  • Customers will be glad they can open and close the container, consuming only what they need to snack on in the moment.
  • Those for an eye for marketing will love the fact that the containers can be stacked and displayed securely, and the prominent and eye-catching “Z” logo is visible from top or side angles.
  • Everyone will be grateful that they are purchasing a full 8-ounce container for the same price as the competitively sold 4- or 6-ounce crackers. Let’s be honest:  no one likes to be cheated out of snacks.


For anyone who has ever dreamt about starting their own company or venture will appreciate the determination of owners Pam and Keith. Not having any real business experience, this mom-and-pop operation started peddling their artisan pizzas on the streets of New York. After many trials and tribulations, mistakes and learned lessons, a tough New York working-class ethic and a bit of luck from those appreciating their entrepreneurial tenacity, Z Crackers have gained momentum in the specialty food family. These are real folks with a passion for food, with a bit of “jazz hands” enthusiasm served on the side. 


Local celebrities on the East Coast, Z Crackers have already gained a Sofi Award and were highlighted in an article in Specialty Food Magazine. Zuercher is excited to shine a light on this fantastic product, and take this show on the road. The flavors currently offered (in order of popularity and sales):

  • Sea Salt & Olive Oil 
  • Red Onion & Rosemary 
  • Garlic & Basil 
  • Salt & Pepper 

If your store is interested in giving Z Crackers a try, please let us know. We will be sure to ship you samples. Pam, Keith and the Zuercher team are eager to make you a believer.