Introducing: Frisian Farms Sneek Gouda (Aged 2 Years)

We have recently added Sneek Gouda from Frisian Farms.  This is a 2 year aged version of their classic Gouda wheel.  For many years, the Bandstra brothers of Frisian Farms have dreamed of offering a steady supply of aged gouda.  But as most new entrants to cheesemaking understand, every wheel held and aged at the farm represents cheese held in inventory instead of sales to the general public.  Building a 2 year age profile on their cheese required many years of careful cash flow management.  So besides being a great cheese that we are excited to add to our offering, Sneek also represents a major accomplishment for our friends and partners at Frisian Farms. 

Our staff evaluations of Sneek Gouda were uniformly positive.  The paste was dense with some crystallization, while also being chewy.  The flavor was deeper than many other aged Goudas.  It has an in-check butterscotch sweetness that was balanced by meaty, smokey and sharp notes.  While Frisian Farms recommends that this cheese be matched with Cabernet or Zinfandel, we thought that Bourbon or Scotch paired beautifully.  Or try a Belgian Dubbel/Tripel with caramel and banana notes.  And be sure to ask your sales representative for a sample!

Check out the post below for a video with more information on Frisian Farms’ Gouda.